Battle Of The Bands
8:00pm | Thursday Mar 09, 2017


Winner of Lazerfest’s Battle of the Bands in 2015, Through the Darkness has performed at some of the biggest venues in Des Moines such as the Seven Flags Event Center, Val-Air Ballroom and Wooly’s. Some of the national acts they have performed with include Five Finger Death Punch, Falling In Reverse, For Today, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Alien Ant Farm, Smile Empty Soul, Eyes Set to Kill, Like Moths to Flames, Fit For a King and Born of Osiris. Through the Darkness is a six-member hard rock/post-hardcore band from central Iowa


Formed in 2009, we are a band that gives no f*&ks. Our live shows are aggressive and visually horrifying. We play heavy and original metal. We do not copy or mimic any certain style of heavy music, but are influenced by all of it. We do what we do and make no apologies, and our fans love us for it. Loud, nasty, dirty, horror metal!


“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” ― Henry Adams,  Listening to Earth Groans, their music speaks of exactly that. Pulling inspirations from hardcore, metal, odd time and death-core inspirations, Earth Groans creates an experience of organized dissonance and very aggressive vocals. “No one whispers about something they are passionate about” (Jeremy front man states) “Our goal of writing the record was not to recreate the wheel, but to recreate how the wheel rolls.”

Though Earth Groans has chaos at their fingertips, their passionate lyrics of hope is the overflow of their hearts. Earth Groans uses their music to connect with their listeners in hopes to relate and inspire. “My goal as an artist will never be, to become famous or make lots of money, if I wanted to make money I would have become a doctor or a lawyer. My sole purpose in this is to truly connect with the hearts of our listeners and create a relationship with them. Even if I only connect with one single person through our music or lyrics, I feel like it was worth all of the work.”

With extremely hard work ethic and driven motive, these hard working musicians won’t give failure an option. Since their forming, they have hit the ground running with the release of their first music video and single “The Estate” in March of 2015. Wasting no time they started touring in May and expect to tour steadily the rest of 2015. Based out of Southeastern South Dakota, you can expect Earth Groans not to be strangers to the rest of the U.S. Make sure to check out Earth Groans’ debut album, “Renovate”.

Must be 21 or older to attend.