Battle Of The Bands
8:00pm | Saturday May 13, 2017


Formed in 2009, we are a band that gives no f*&ks. Our live shows are aggressive and visually horrifying. We play heavy and original metal. We do not copy or mimic any certain style of heavy music, but are influenced by all of it. We do what we do and make no apologies, and our fans love us for it. Loud, nasty, dirty, horror metal!


DAD (Dope A** Dudes) are a hip hop duo from Sioux City. With rhymes that cover the subject of being a Dad and all of the craziness and change that comes with the responsibility, they have dug out a niche that a ton of people can relate to. Even if you’re not a parent you can understand where they are coming from. The group consists of three Dads. Protige (Vocals): A Sioux City Hip Hop favorite, Protige (Mark Koenigs) has been tearing apart stages since the late 90’s. With his solo release “The Inevitable”, Protige has shown his versiatility and ability to keep up with current rhyme styles and concepts. Eboli (Vocals): A Sioux City Hip Hop veteran, Eboli (Jason Reinert) has been in plenty of groups spanning his time as a rapper, Aflikshen, Flux Ambassador and Lazer Rocket Arm, to name a few. Eboli has remained relevant and stays on top of the newest rhyme styles. Also a producer and DJ, Eboli is a force to be reckoned with. The Sound Insurgent (DJ): The Sound Insurgent (Huey Sullivan) is one of the midwest’s premier DJs with a resume to match. The Sound Insurgent has performed on the biggest stages in the area and he always pleases the crowd. A resident DJ at The 21st Amendment, a regular feature in the Sioux Falls hip hop scene and an all-around well-groomed DJ, TSI will make any party come alive.

Must be 21 or older to attend.