MADDIE POPPE WITH MEGAN DANIELLE - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City 07/21/23 8:00 PM
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July 21 | 8:00 pm

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Must be 21 or older. Doors open one hour prior to show start time.

Unless you’ve experienced it firsthand, there’s no way to understand just how dramatically instant fame can mess with your head. In winning American Idol in 2018, Maddie Poppe experienced all types of emotions — from elation to self-doubt. In these last four years, Maddie has grown tremendously, as both a person and an artist. The Iowa native has evolved from folksy singer-songwriter into a multi-faceted powerhouse artist and musician. Maddie, now 25, can still very much bowl over a crowd with only her honeyed voice and acoustic guitar. But she’s upped her game by tapping into a modern sound that blends R&B, pop, and Americana, and by committing herself to writing her own songs.

In Spring 2019, following Maddie’s coronation on American Idol, her debut album Whirlwind released. By summer, the record hit #2 on the charts. Whirlwind featured four radio singles, including two top-25s – “Made You Miss” and “Not Losing You”. The year saw Maddie win a People’s Choice Award, guest-star on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Live With Kelly & Ryan and Good Morning America, and tour in support of Ingrid Michaelson. During the height of the pandemic, Maddie released a holiday EP titled Christmas From Home. In Fall 2021, Maddie hit the road for her first headline tour dates. This year, Maddie has been constantly creating, both lyrically and musically. She is joined by an all-star team, including Nashville’s Adam Sickler, and hit songwriters like Willie Morrison, Fraser Churchill, and Thomas Finchum.

This Spring, Maddie released her irresistible new single “One That Got Away”. The song focuses on the dissolution of a friend’s longtime relationship, predicting that the guy who foolishly dumped her will realize he threw away something great. But the track — a soulful jam with shades of Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 — can also be seen as a commentary on Maddie’s own experience in the music industry.

Unlike the tracks selected for Maddie on her debut record, each new song on Maddie’s upcoming EP will be rich in her own voice. “I’m very proud of Whirlwind, but I feel like this new project speaks truer to me and my story,” she says. “When you’re just starting out like I was then, it can feel like 100 different people are trying to tell your story. Now, I’m finally telling it in my own voice.”

For 2023, Maddie is gearing up for a national tour featuring her new music and biggest hits. She’s excited to introduce her fans to the special sound she’s created, shaped by the diversity of her favorite artists (Lily Allen, Sheryl Crow, and Corinne Bailey Rae are all in rotation on Maddie’s Spotify).

“I’m thrilled to release new music, but even more excited to play these songs live,” Maddie says. “Almost everything I’m writing is upbeat and will be so much fun to perform with the energy of a live audience. For a long time, I simply thought of myself as the singer-songwriter, hometown girl from Iowa. Along the way I learned to spread my wings and branch out. I truly feel I’ve become the artist I was meant to be.”

Maddie’s US tour kicks off in Spring 2023. Visit for details.


Megan Danielle grew up in Douglasville, Georgia with two sisters and a brother where they did everything together, from watching their grandpa and uncles at the racetrack, playing ball, corn hole and spending lots of time together. Megan says, “I am really big on family, we are all so close and do just about everything together. My grandparents mean everything to me; they have always been there. I lost my grandpa about two years ago and miss him greatly. He really influenced me to become a better version of myself and pursue music.”

Growing up, Megan had always heard about God but didn’t really know who He was. Her faith became real and a vital part of her life when she was 18 years old and started to attend church on a regular basis.

Music has always been a strong presence in Megan’s life. Megan says, “Since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed listening to music and singing along to anything I’d hear. I was always so shy to pursue it but eventually around the age of 15, I booked my own show at a restaurant in Douglasville. Then at the age of 18, I was singing anywhere I could…in bars, venues, and any place that would have me. I always knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential and then one night at a show, my grandpa really influenced me to follow my calling. It was at that time, ironically, I quit performing altogether to learn more about myself, about God and what plans He had for my life.”

About a year ago, Megan received a message from a producer on Instagram asking if she’d want to audition for American Idol. While hesitant at first, with the encouragement from friends and family she auditioned and ended up placing second in the final competition which has certainly changed her life and trajectory for the future. Megan’s performances throughout the American Idol experience showed a vast array of musical styles and influences including Miranda Lambert, Lauren Daigle, Chris Stapleton, Zach Williams, Patty Griffin, Fleetwood Mac and more. Although just 21 years old, Megan is a deep soul with a lot of life experiences to draw upon which will make for an exhilarating journey as she develops as an artist for years to come.

Megan’s first official single post American Idol, “Dream Girl” is available now. Megan is writing with some of the industry’s best writers preparing for more music releases and will be touring throughout the summer and fall of 2023.


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